Top 10 Photos from 2016

I first want to apologize for not updating this the last couple months. Occasionally life gets busy, but hopefully things will be starting to calm down here. With the end of 2016 I felt like it would be great to go through my 10 favorite shots I've taken this year.

10. Summer Lightning Storm

For this shot I had to stand out in the rain as a storm slowly came rolling in. I had tried before to get lightning shots before, but this time I was able to implement some skills I had learned earlier in the year with long exposure shooting. The result is easily the best picture of lightning I've yet to take!

9. Soccer Sunset

Back in July FC Puerto Rico came to St. Pete for their first time. The night will be remembered for Joe Cole's Bicycle Kick (and me being in the background of a Sports Center Top 10 Plays). But the night also had one of the best sunsets of the season.

8. Steel Wool

This shot was taken in the middle of the night, at a pier, with some very confused people fishing. Between fire and being knee deep in water, this had to be one of the most fun shoots of the year. 

7. First Play Touch Down

I was lucky enough to get credentials to the Florida State vs University of South Florida football game in September.
The game alone was surreal to shoot, but the opening play was an 84-yard touchdown pass right at me. 

6. Mad Moxxi

The beginning of August was the Tampa Bay Comic Convention. The cosplayers were as fantastic as expected, but this Mad Moxxi cosplay by Little.Songbird was hands down the best of the weekend.   

5. Rachel Platten - Fight Song

In October the Rowdies invited Rachel Platten perform a concert postgame after their match against Ottawa. Platten caught fire in 2015 with her hit Fight Song and the chance to shoot a concert was something I hadn't gotten to do so far. This picture was one of those moments of "Whoa, I'm actually pretty good at this."

4. St. Pete Soccer

My favorite soccer picture of 2016. This shot of PC and Kosuke Kimura flying up and fighting for the ball amidst palm trees and water felt like the quintessential picture of "Rowdies Soccer." Good sport, good scenery, and good atmosphere.  

3. Milky Way

In June my friends and myself took a road trip to Big Bend National Park in Texas. This is the type of picture I had dreamed of shooting from the moment I had a camera in my hands. Achieving this was a goal of mine for the year and now I just want to go on random camping trips to take more shots like it. 

2. Dalvin Cook 

Coming back to the Florida State vs University of South Florida football game, this shot of Dalvin Cook making his cut and driving forward was my favorite shot of that game. Cook rushed for a career high and could be one of the top picks in this year's draft (If he chooses to go pro this year). The composition, the subject, and the action just all come together for one of my all time favorite pictures.

1. Big Bend

While being a beautiful picture, this shot is about far more than the scenery or view. This picture is my Top Picture of 2016 because it symbolizes my friendships. Those friendships made getting through the rough year that was 2016 bareable. 

The following shots are shots that just didn't make the Top Ten Shots but were still fantastic pictures from the year!