Airports and Cameras

Airports are quite possibly one of my favorite places to go. From memories of my travels to the people watching. On the way to my real job yesterday I had the itch for shooting at Tampa International Airport, something I haven't done since I was fairly new with photography. 

I started to plan the shoot out in my head; what lens, which body, planning out back up batteries if needed, and where and when exactly I wanted to shoot. I then took to google maps to find the area on or around the airport that would work out best for the shoot, deciding on the south west corner of the long term parking garage.

A couple hours of shooting later I had what would become this


Patrick Patterson 1/30/16

Overall I am happy with it. I think next time I try something like this I'll choose a lens not as wide as the 8mm Bower I shot with, but I am still incredibly pleased with the overall picture.